Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day 3.......of 5.

This morning Rowan had physio and only cried for 10 minutes. He still didn't really do much physio but he's calming down. Which is a huge achievement.

After physio we went to the ward and made plans for tomorrow to keep Rowan as safe as possible. We had a chat with the Endocrine team about Rowan and we may need to increase his growth hormone dose as he's growing outwards but not really upwards, so looks fat bless him. We also talked about Ayden and where we are going with him, we are still waoting for an appointment to come through but Dr Hussain is going to try and sort things out for us.

Rowan had physio in the afternoon and took his cars to make his bridges in physio and, with only 5 minutes of screaming, he actually did some exercises :o) its a HUGE achievement for him. Physio is hard work but it will help him in the end.

Rowan and I went out for dinner, to McDs as he was so so good at physio. Unfortunately he didn't fall asleep until 9pm!! At 8pm I got a call to tell me that Rowan's surgery has been moved from the afternoon list to the morning list. So that meant no sleep for me basically. I need to turn his milk off at 230am and swap him to clear fluids, then at 530am turn that off, and then be on the ward for 7am to put him on fluids instead of TPN. Its going to be a long night!!

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